Trying to separate Colin Proctor from Cambridge United would be like attempting to prise a barnacle from a rock with a feather duster.

He’s supported the club he loves for three-quarters of a century, not once losing heart, and throughout that time he’s been a walking, talking embodiment of the motto United in Endeavour.

Colin is a fan extraordinaire, a fundraiser par excellence, a tireless voluntary worker, an activist, advocate, ambassador and motivator of fellow fans. And that’s not to mention his roles as a prime mover in the Vice-Presidents’ Club and Abbey Action, as a board member for six and a half years in the capacity of fans’ elected director and as a champion of the ordinary supporter on the CFU Trust Board.

Growing up in the U’s heartland of Ditton Fields, he was taken to his first match by neighbour Herbert Spicer, an Abbey United committee member, before the end of World War II. Apart from a spell when he was carrying out his National Service, he’s hardly missed a match since.

You can’t count the amount of money he’s brought into the club, or calculate the number of hours he’s spent around the ground doing any job asked of him. Perhaps the first was, as a youngster, acting as an extra weight on the roller as Frank Pettit tried to flatten the pitch. Goodness what the last will be.

The title has to be bestowed some time and it may as well be now: Colin Proctor is Mr Cambridge United.


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